The American Common Ground Alliance is an aspiring network of citizens dedicated to removing the rot and restoring health to the nation’s vital institutions, particularly government, media and academia. The key starting points for us are 1) we are a balanced alliance of leaders and activists on the Left and Right 2) we are dedicated to developing and executing a realistic plan to reverse the nation’s decline, 3) we must gather together in one place as much financial, political and social capital as possible since the status quo has immense power.

The group is being organized by Stephen Erickson, who has a long history of working for political reform. He is the former Resident Scholar at US Term Limits and between 2010 and 2016, he led an effort to unite leaders on the Left and Right to fix our failing political system. It is a story he tells in his book, What Would Madison Do? The Journey Progressives and Conservatives Must Make Together. You can visit Stephen’s blog, HERE.

In our current early stage of development, we aim to circulate, edit and collectively develop a plan of action (See our current Strategy Proposal) and bring teams of liberals and conservatives together to discuss potential partnerships.

* Cover image: the northeast corner of Lexington Green, Lexington, Massachusetts, where a small but united community made a brave stand for self government and against corruption.

I Want to Help.

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