Our Vision

We are united to restore civility to American life, intellectual diversity and rigor to our vital institutions, and accountability to government that should be of by and for, the people.

The Common Ground Alliance is working to assemble teams of leaders, balanced on the Left and Right, to reverse the ongoing failures of the USA’s most vital institutions and begin the process of healing the nation.


To foster a more fully informed public, we will build a new, politically depolarized, media network based on rigorous journalistic standards. Network leadership will be balanced, politically, on the Left and Right. Every political journalist will have a history of reporting critically against both Democratic and Republican partisan interests. We will develop the news and information network that all citizens can trust.


In order for government to serve the broad and long-term good of he American people, we will work together, as citizens of goodwill from Left to Right, to remove parasitic incentive structures that promote selfish, narrow, short-term, partisan and corporate special interests. We will develop solutions to eliminate or reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics, discourage political careerism, promote responsible legislation and ensure fair elections.


To produce a more competent leadership class, we will encourage American universities to rediscover the foundational value of intellectual diversity. Critical thinking and debate that includes a full range of perspectives, rather than political narratives, should form the basis of studies in the liberal arts and humanities. In the sciences, human advancement requires rigor that is only possible through vigorous professional criticism and conclusions that are forever challengeable. Free speech should be protected and held as sacred everywhere and always, but especially in higher education.

See a full draft of our Strategy Proposal

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